she says I'm a strange child

Sir Yudderick Yudly Yuddington Yuddicus Yudkin the Yud-fae, Ysq.

20 February 1982
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Yud, a.k.a. Henfry, a.k.a. Andrew Viridis, a.k.a. Vir, a.k.a. Rupret, a.k.a. Halftwagliop, a.k.a. Rhododendron-fae, a.k.a. Sir Yudderick Yudly Yuddington Yuddicus Yudkin the Yud-fae. I graduated from Virginia Tech with degrees in Computer Science and English, and now I work as a software engineer. I used to write a bunch of poetry, but not so much anymore. I do tend to take lots of photographs of things and post them in my journal, though.

I should probably write more here, but I won't. If you're that curious, go here~
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